About Louisiana Black Belt Academy

Louisiana Black Belt Academy originated before the Gracie Jiu Jitsu fighting system was available in the United States. In our early days, we spent most of our time experimenting with various fighting techniques and styles. We learned through experimentation, experience and pure determination.

The origins of our school are important because laid the ground work for the way that we teach our students today. Although our early years may have been barbaric, it has made us humble and more importantly, extremely grateful for the access to amazing information and training available today through our various affiliations and relationships with amazing and talented martial artist.

Since the huge rise in popularity in the United States, we have fully embraced the Gracie Jiu Jitsu system, which defines the culture of our school. Our techniques are always based on self defense first, meaning everything you learn in our school is a proven technique that can be used to defend yourself if the unfortunate situation ever arises.

We have learned from the approach that the Gracies took and have applied a system based training method to across all disciplines that we teach. From kids Jiu Jitsu to Adult Kickboxing, we have spent the time on the mats figuring out the most effective way to instruct our students and teach them the concepts and applications of the techniques.

Under lead Black Belt Instructor and owner/operator, Mr. Steve Miller, our school has continued to thrive in a small town, mainly due to the wonderful experiences that our students have and the unbelievable people of South Louisiana.

Have Questions?

Everyone has questions before beginning their journey in the world of martial arts. The good news is that we usually have a good answer due to our time and experience. More than likely, we've heard it before, but we still want to hear from YOU! Please reach out to us so that we can help you get started.

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