Louisiana Black Belt Academy Classes


Gracie Jiu Jitsu

All Experience Levels

You will learn proven Gracie Jiu Jitsu techniques and applications. You will participate in drills with classmates and live interaction called “rolling.”

Class usually starts off with a vigorous warm up and basic mat drills. A move or scenario will then be taught in increments with break outs for everyone to drill the techniques learned.

Generally, the last few minutes of class are reserved for rolling, which is your opportunity to apply your techniques in a live, but controlled, environment.

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Kids Gracie Jiu Jitsu

All Experience Levels
Ages: 5-7 & 8-14

Our kids program is split into two (2) age groups: 5-7 & 8-14.

As with all of our classes, self defense is the focus. The kids will learn the exact same techniques that are taught in all of our adult jiu jitsu classes, so this is not a watered down version. However, we understand that they are kids, so we also make it fun for them. Kids are expected to learn discipline and self control as they progress through the program and to also gain confidence in themselves and their ability to properly defend themselves in any event, even if that means to walk away from an altercation.

Kids that train at our school become part of the family. It is not uncommon for some of our adult students to become fans of our youngsters and support them in other aspects of their lives, such as other team sports, band and academics.

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Mixed Martial Arts

All Experience Levels
Ages: 5-13

Our kids Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) program gives them a little bit of everything. Kids will learn striking techniques from standing, as well as, get an introduction to grappling and ground fighting.

As with all of our classes, self defense if the focus. The Kids MMA classes are also structured to get the kids moving and allow them to expel some energy. We want them to have fun, but we expect them to listen and follow instructions. In addition to technical skills, discipline is a vital lesson that we enforce in these classes.

Our promotion system is also designed to increase confidence and self awareness. No prior training is required to get started. Simply sign up and your kid can get started the same day!

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Adult Boxing

All Experience Levels

Adult boxing is a heck of a work out! Our program is designed to teach the fundamentals of Boxing including striking, blocking and moving.

You do not have to have any prior experience before starting the boxing class. You will not be required to spar or fight live with anyone, unless you choose to do so. Most of the students that take our boxing class are there for an amazing work out.

Movement drills, pad work and bag work will surely have your arms and legs on fire. Every part of your body will get work, especially your arms, legs and shoulders.

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Adult Kickboxing

All Experience Levels

Adult kickboxing is another one of our classes that will challenge your mind and body. You can expect to be worked hard, but should not be intimidated as a beginner.

Kickboxing encompasses a variety of techniques that are incorporated in stand up striking, including punching and kicking. You will also learn how to train using pads with a partner, which is when you can really let loose.

As one of our most physically challenging classes, our kickboxing class is also one of our largest. We have a large variety of the types of students that take our kickboxing class and most are there for the exercise. It is an amazing work out!

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Fitness Boxing

Fitness Boxing is a high energy, calorie burning, motivational CrossFit-style class, taught by our certified and experienced fitness trainers.

Our Group Fitness classes are the next best thing to having a personal trainer as the classes are generally made up of a smaller group and is usually mostly women. If you are serious about getting in shape, come try out a Fitness Boxing class and see for yourself how much fun you can have getting in shape!

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